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Hannah Dressen


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You don’t know cold until you’ve been through a winter (or 21 winters) in northern Minnesota. Even though snow would sometimes keep us from getting out of our driveway, I couldn’t have been happier to grow up in the land of 10,000 lakes and 10,000,000 mosquitoes. The warm sunshine, blue waters, and endless pines of Minnesota are definitely home to me.

What Inspires Me:

Any kind of passion. I’m naturally a very curious person, but I could sit and listen to someone tell me about video games, to moss growth, or even road construction if they’re truly passionate and excited about it! A little passion goes a long way and truly inspires me to rally for any cause.

Guiltiest Food Pleasure:

Growing up, I worked at a small café in my hometown where we would serve up some local favorites, such as wild rice flapjacks. They are huge and seriously fit for a lumberjack’s appetite, and I would have no shame eating every last nutty, buttery bite.

Areas of Specialization:

I’m excited to learn about every project that we take on, which is why these first few years in the industry are important as I find out where I want to specialize. From my internships, I’ve gained some knowledge in retort processing, meat applications, sauces, dressings, and frozen entrees. I’ve also learned that I love the scale-up part of the development process as well as developing customer relationships, so I look forward to establishing relationships with clients as well as learning more about processing!

When I'm Not on the Bench:

I’m constantly learning and asking questions! Every working day is different from the last, and I love getting to experience it with everyone so that I can learn the different habits and viewpoints of everyone on the team. Everyone here at Culinex has a unique background, and I can’t wait to be able to contribute to the team!


  • Bachelor of Science, Culinology (Nutrition Minor) - Southwest Minnesota State University

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