To ensure we are innovating and developing delicious food products that meet demands and exceed expectations, we believe it’s important to first create collaborative relationships—nurtured from an environment of commitment and care. We are big thinkers with proven strategies and processes to help guarantee your success, but we take a very personal approach, tailored to you for the very best result.

A Commitment to Culinology®

We‘ve proven that Culinology®, the combined forces of culinary craft and food science, gives our clients a distinct advantage. We take the best tools from culinary craft and the knowledge from the leading edge of food science to find the optimal solutions for each specific project.

A Dedicated Team From Start to Finish

We make sure your project goals are clearly understood by the entire project team while staying on time and on budget without compromising strategy. That means no shortcuts and no excuses. We hold ourselves accountable to provide superior client care and complete transparency. From the very beginning, we carefully craft the project objectives, explain and integrate continual touchpoints to proceed with swiftness, confidence and efficiency.

A Culture Centered Around Fika

Fika in Swedish means slowing down to share a cup of coffee. For us it is about making time for those who surround us. Located near the epicenter of “chill”, our Seattle-area setting offers a culture of friendship, trust, and camaraderie along with a mutual admiration for the unique qualities each individual brings to the task at hand. That’s why we add fika into our team and client relationships.

The Security of a Stage Gate Process

Our stage gate technique helps manage the uncertainty of innovation and instill confidence in our process. It also allows for client engagement at various phases of the project to ensure we are delivering on demands in a timely and efficient fashion. The framework we use is an agile way of approaching new product initiatives in a consistent, proven manner.

Our Proven Gold Standard Process

Our experience proves that a disciplined, methodical approach to innovation discovery and food product development increases success rates from bench to store shelf. That said, our approach allows for a flexibility that addresses what makes each individual project unique. We created the rules, so we can bend them to make you successful, to help insure your success. We aren't afraid to break things either, to put them back together in a better way.

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