Frequently Asked Questions

What does CuliNEX do?

CuliNEX is a product development consultancy specializing in the development of clean label food products. CuliNEX works with brand owners, food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, retailers, and multi-unit foodservice operators to achieve their growth goals by bringing successful products to market. Check out our services page for more information.

What sets CuliNEX apart from the competition?

CuliNEX is THE premier food innovation and product development consultancy specializing in clean label and plant-based food product development. We work in every food product category, including snacks, confectionery, bakery, meat, frozen foods, sauces, soups, seasonings, and more. Our specialized co-packer and ingredient knowledge helps us perfect formulas and processes on the bench that will translate to a successful commercial product, saving you time and money.

While some consultancies do only culinary concepts or benchtop prototypes, our comprehensive set of services and strategic partner relationships make CuliNEX a one-stop development resource. We provide all development and commercialization services and can also partner with your team, capitalizing on in-house resources.

We take a unique approach to every project at CuliNEX, creating a highly customized project plan for each engagement. We have a growing client base and value long-term relationships. Utilizing our big company experience, we take an entrepreneurial approach to each project, ensuring our development strategy meshes with your business priorities to achieve long term success.

Unlike some ingredient companies or manufacturers that might offer “free product development services” and then hold onto the ownership of your product formulas, with CuliNEX, you have complete control of your intellectual property.

What does clean label development mean to CuliNEX?

We are passionate about creating great tasting, wholesome food. While there is no legal definition for “clean label” or “natural”, when we say clean label at CuliNEX, we use it to describe a transparent development philosophy:

  • Culinary craftsmanship

  • Smart, solutions-based food science

  • Ingredient statements that are simple and easy to understand

  • Meaningful and factual marketing claims

  • Natural and responsibly sourced ingredients

  • Balanced ingredient choices with performance and flavor

  • Sustainable ingredients and upcycled sources

  • Understanding and measuring harvest practices, agriculture regeneration, origin, footprint, and corporate responsibility

What is a Culinologist?

Culinology is a trademarked term owned by the Research Chefs Association, a non-profit group of 2,000 food manufacturing industry professionals. It is the blending of two disciplines, culinary arts and food science, both of which are critical to creating successful food products. As Culinologists, we practice Culinology, which is both an operating philosophy and daily practice at CuliNEX, allowing us to develop delicious, safe, food products that can be manufactured in a commercial setting.

Who do I talk to about a new project?

If you’re thinking about a new project, use our contact form below to fill out as much information as you have. Once you submit it, one of our business development managers will contact you to find out more about your needs. If it sounds like we are a fit, we will have you sign a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA), which ensures we will both be able to speak freely about our respective companies and your project.

Next, we will send you a detailed survey to fill out with your project parameters and set up a Project Scoping Call, an in-depth conversation which usually takes about an hour. We will go over everything from desired product attributes, nutritional & cost parameters, target shelf life and project timelines.

From there, we will create a Statement of Work, a detailed document outlining the key deliverables, services, and timeline. This will come with other contractual documents, including price and payment terms.

How long will my project take?

Because every project is unique, it is difficult to generalize how long a project will take to complete. An innovation and whitespace project may take 3 months depending on how many research pillars we explore, and typically, simpler development projects can take anywhere from 4-6 months and up to a year for more complex projects.

Where is CuliNEX located?

Our Innovation Center is in the Greater Seattle area, about 20 minutes south of downtown Seattle in Tukwila; we are conveniently located about five miles from SeaTac Airport.

Where should I ship items to you?

Please ship all samples, ingredients, and packages to the CuliNEX Innovation Center:

360 Corporate Drive N. Tukwila, WA 98188

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