We have a deep immersion in the food landscape. Food is our passion. Flavor is our forte. That’s become our reputation and the reason clients not only turn to us but depend on us time and time again. We leverage our expertise, holistic approach, rigorous process, and scientific knowledge to drive to one thing: undeniably delightful foods and spot-on solutions.

A Solution Tailored to Your Distinct Needs

No solution is one-size-fits-all. Innovation by its very nature means exploring the unexplored. Come to us wherever you are in your project, however complex your challenge or opportunity. Together we’ll establish your unique differentiation and turn it into that breakthrough solution that sets you apart.

Clean Label Culinology®

At CuliNEX, we meld the disciplines of culinary innovation and food technology together in large-scale food manufacturing. It’s a practice known as Culinology®, and it serves as the foundation of our philosophy. As early adopters of Culinology®, we’ve become masters of combining insights and food science with robust culinary experience.

Areas of specialization include:

  • Clean label

  • Plant-based

  • Organic and natural ingredients

  • Functional ingredients

  • Allergen sensitivities

  • Upcycled and sustainable ingredients

Meet the People at CuliNEX

Our expert team is a perfect blend of creative talent and methodical thinkers grounded in culinary and food science with extensive ingredient knowledge and vendor relationships that go back decades. We bring seasoned food mastery to big and small brands, ingredient companies, and boards and commissions. Everything we do is driven by intentional strategy, collaborative partnership, and masterful execution. As devotees of deliciousness, we are also fierce advocates for maintaining our clean label, plant-based foundation and commitment to delicious food in all our work, with our clients’ success as our ultimate goal.

Welcome to Our Kitchen

All 20,000 square feet of it. After all, you need a lot of room to do such big thinking. Our location includes five fully equipped commercial kitchens and a culinary innovation and education center. Sharing our space with CuliNEX Kitchens, an incubator and ghost kitchen for foodservice innovators, gives us and our clients added exposure to culinary innovation. Conveniently located within 18 minutes of downtown Seattle and is permitted for food handling by the King County Health Department and the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Some of our

Valued clients

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Strategic Alliance Network

We love to surround ourselves with diverse experts that complement our skills and make us better innovators. Our strategic partnerships integrate into your project, giving you access to a world of expertise to round out your project needs.

Memberships and Organizations

As part of our commitment to staying at the leading edge of food innovation, we join with other leaders in the industry to expand our prowess in clean label and to open doors to the latest in research and industry insights.

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