Jacqueline Sarmiento

Business Development Partner

Jacqueline Sarmiento
Jacqueline Sarmiento

Growing up, we were told not to play with our food... but here we are! The best part of working at CuliNEX is being able to develop a variety of different food products. One day you're creating a plant-based innovation, the next day you're pumping out new flavors of ice cream!


I was an Air Force baby - born in Mississippi then stationed in Italy - giving me my first taste of living abroad. My mom later made the executive decision to move us back to beautiful, Southern California to be closer to family, and that is where I consider home.

What Inspires Me:

People that love to share their passions inevitably inspire me to share my own and learn something new.

Guiltiest Food Pleasure:

Pizza and wings all day!

When I'm Not on the Bench:

You can find me getting my fitness on at CrossFit, playing basketball, snowboarding, or at the beach trying to surf! I love spending time doing random and adventurous things with family and friends, too!


  • Bachelor of Science, Food Science and Technology - California Polytechnic University, Pomona, California
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