Celine Benipayo

Staff Accountant

Celine Benipayo
Celine Benipayo

I am thrilled to be part of a creative and innovative team!


I’ve lived in both Manila and Vancouver, British Columbia and now call Seattle my home.

What Inspires Me:

I keep my eye on industry trailblazers for inspiration and am a sucker for seeing women break through into corporate leadership – breaking those glass ceilings.

Guiltiest Food Pleasure:

Do I have to pick one? I love sushi and double-baked chocolate almond croissants from my favorite bakery in town.

Areas of Specialization:

I am filling a staff accounting role at CuliNEX, helping to keep projects and the team on track.

When I'm Not at the Office:

Away from the office, I enjoy the PNW sun and hanging at home couch playing video games or watching scary movies.


  • Accounting - CDI College, Vancouver, BC
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