Rosa Espinoza

Research Chef

Rosa Espinoza
Rosa Espinoza

Collaborating with truly passionate professionals who are dedicated to their work. Everyday learning and exploring together on projects is a unique experience that allows me to drive my creative skills and put them to the test. And of course, the snacks!


West New York, NJ/ Ecuador. Born in NJ but raised in Ecuador, I grew up in two different cultures, expanding my ever-growing love of food and travel.

What Inspires Me:

Diverse cultures. I was lucky to grow up in a vast melting pot of cultures back on the East Coast that fed my creativity. Food connects people from diverse backgrounds and is a common ground we can all share.

Guiltiest Food Pleasure:

Roasted bone marrow! It has a fatty, creamy, buttery, rich with a semi-sweet flavor. Smoldered on top of grilled crusty bread with an herb salad, and you are in foodie heaven. Simple to make but complex in preparation, this dish is always on top of my cravings when I want to go out and indulge.

Areas of Specialization:

Creating food products that are clean label, sustainable, and good for you.

When I'm Not in the Office:

I’m planning my next travel destination! I love to experience different cultures through food. I believe every dish has a story behind it, and I’m there to find out what that story is. Exploring the unknown has always been part of me, always curious about the ingredients, the preparation, the cooking techniques, every crucial step that goes into growing the food and how it made it to your plate.


  • Bachelors of Arts, The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York
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