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Amanda Hobson


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I was raised in Western Washington near the Olympics. After going to school in the Midwest and spending the last four years working and living in the Bay Area, I decided to come back to the Pacific Northwest where I have always called home.

What Inspires Me:

I am inspired by people. Each individual person has the power to change and impact the world, starting with how they interact with one another. I am most inspired by those who face diversity and challenges with determined attitudes who see opportunities for growth where most people see obstacles.

Guiltiest Food Pleasure:

I must stand up for a hot dog and a soda at Costco, it is the cheapest meal you can get beyond a package of Top Ramen and you can find it anywhere.  Cheap and convenient has its place.

Areas of Specialization:

I have worked a lot with fresh pasta (cuts and filled), fresh and frozen meals, sauces, dry mix bakery products, and subscription meal programs.  Even though I have been involved in the product development process from ideation to commercialization the most rewarding part for me is scaling up and working with a team to see the project actualize. This is the most exciting and humbling experience as you navigate through collaborating with others on all the weak points and challenges faced.

When I'm Not on the Bench:

I am soaking in the CuliNex culture and people.  This is a great place to bring my background and skills and a great opportunity to work with multiple platforms and products as well as immerse myself in the client-developer relationship.


  • Bachelor of Science, Culinology - Southwest Minnesota State University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts - The Evergreen State College
  • Associates of Applied Science, Specialty Desserts and Bread - Seattle Central Community College

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