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Rebellyous Foods believes "everyone should have access to delicious plant-based food." With a mission for meatless, Rebelllyous approached CuliNex to reformulate their existing plant-based chicken tender to have a more realistic chicken texture and flavor. 


Working with CuliNex, Rebellyous found a partner to manage through changing parameters with a careful attention to project management and process control. Extensive ingredient screening was necessary to find the right ingredients and production equipment to deliver a protein structure like chicken breast with a bounce and bite that was both savory and moist and crispy on the outside. CuliNex applied their feasibility and financial modeling and support of the product commercialization to help Rebellyous launch their tenders.


CuliNex was able to optimize the formula to achieve the desired taste and texture. The process was optimized, achieving production consistency and reducing cost for the client.


"Because of the impact of COVID-19 on our industry, our development project with CuliNex changed scope in every way possible. The changes over the course of the project included fundamentals such as the number of items in development, audience for the product, consumer preparation instructions, and ingredient requirements. CuliNex not only navigated this scope-change rollercoaster, but also brought creative and quick solutions that made our end product even better. Through detailed ingredient screening and product development & evaluation methods, the CuliNex team helped us compress our development timelines. They were incredibly collaborative, working side-by-side with our team to find the perfect solution to meet our revised project needs. Given our experience working through all these challenges with the team, we can wholeheartedly recommend CuliNex as a true partner in development."  Sandra Gray, Director of Product Development, Rebellyous Foods

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