Tart Cherries

Hit Consumers’ Sweet Spot with Trending Tart Cherries


How do you increase awareness of tart cherries among consumer products and foodservice developers? Bringing ideas and solutions created by CuliNEX to developers provides third-party credibility for the U.S. Tart Cherry Council.

  • Ingredient Research

  • Ideation

  • Concept

  • Presentation



CuliNEX showcased this versatile tart ingredient as a functional fruit inclusion in applications beyond what consumers normally expected—baked goods and desserts. The innovation team partnered with U.S. Tart Cherry Council, Datassential and Mintel to produce informative content about the recent tart cherry trend featuring the latest science-backed facts about innovation in the space. With a powerhouse of R&D experts and thought leaders collaborating together, the venture helped showcase how diverse tart cherry applications can be when you think outside the lab. Our team helped provide innovative ideation and concept development, as well as showcased services that included:

  • ​​Research Chefs Guide to Tart Cherries
  • Ideation & Concept Development
  • RCA Webinar Presentation



Through this collaboration with CuliNEX, Research Chefs and Product Developers in the food and beverage industry gained valuable insight into the new tart cherry trend while exploring the limitless application possibilities. The expertise provided gave the U.S. Tart Cherry Council the practical application knowledge and credibility to inspire the future of tart cherry innovation.

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