Brazi Bites

Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches


How would Brazi Bites create a Latin-inspired breakfast sandwich with gluten-free, toasted bread, grill marks and a melty, cheesy center that can be prepared in a home microwave? Well lucky for us, they reached out to get some help, and we had the pleasure of working through the challenges—one by one.

  • Concept

  • Ingredient Research

  • Food Product Development

  • Packaging

  • Commercialization


CuliNEX began with a broad list of flavor ideas, helping the Brazi Bites’ team narrow down to the top four flavor ideas. Next, we tapped into an extensive ingredient vendor list to develop gluten-free bread prototypes and four delicious fillings. This keeps a conscious view of the commercialization requirements from the beginning. CuliNEX co-developed a custom foil-lined, susceptor sleeve to deliver the grill marks, crispy toast and melty cheesy center after a short zap in the microwave.


Brazi Bites successfully launched four SKUS of homestyle breakfast sandwiches, inspired by the Brazilian grilled cheese. The sandwich, with custom susceptor sleeves, is uniquely designed to be crispy and melty after a short time in the microwave, providing a convenient all-day snack for consumers.

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