New Talent Acquisition - Hayley Bell

New Talent Acquisition - Hayley Bell


Seattle, WA, December 1, 2016 – CuliNEX, the country’s top clean label food product consultancy, is pleased to announce the acquisition of more top talent. 

CuliNEX just completed its most successful year to date and is happy to welcome Culinologist Hayley Bell to our fast-growing team. Hayley began her CuliNEX career as an intern and her hard work, dedication to clean label development, and her saucy attitude make her a perfect fit. Hayley is just as excited to join us as we are to have her:

“I guess I’ve always been a little bit curious around the kitchen. As I moved between countries and regions, I was fascinated in seeing the different cultures of food and how they changed, but always wanted to know the why behind it all. Food really is so cool. It surprises me every day!

Moving to Seattle after college was a big change, but I knew that there was a whole world of food still waiting to be unveiled to me! That’s part of the reason I love working at CuliNex, there are lots of different projects going on which means more opportunities to learn and grown in my career as a Culinologist!”


A recent grad, Hayley is excited and eager to get involved in the food industry. Her experience includes a culinary and marketing internship at Greenbrier Farms, where she worked in a kitchen assisting in high-volume catering and production of commercial products, as well as spear-heading all marketing projects. She also has a strong business background, completing an internship at a recruiting firm. Hayley has a strong passion for food and an even stronger passion for people. She plans to blend her business and food science backgrounds to take the Culinology world by storm.


Hayley is a recent graduate of Clemson University where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science and Technology, with a double concentration in Culinology and Business. When she isn’t hard at work creating magic on the bench, she enjoys travelling, the outdoors and exploring new cultures through food. She is a professional member of the Institute of Food Technologists and a member of the Research Chefs Association.

CuliNEX is the industry's premier consulting firm providing product development and strategic business services focused on clean label food products. It assists companies of all sizes in achieving their growth goals through the development and implementation of product driven strategies. With more than 30 years of industry experience the CuliNEX team has led operations and product development teams for some of the best known brands in the industry.

For a full list of CuliNEX’s capabilities, a list of previous clients, and to get to know the entire CuliNEX team, visit our website.

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