Leading Culinary Innovation One Project at a Time

Leading Culinary Innovation One Project at a Time


At CuliNEX Innovation Comes Naturally

Is your food or ingredient company looking to grow by satisfying the ever-evolving tastes and behaviors of consumers? Are you seeking a nimble and cost-effective approach to innovation that ensures your products not only keep up but stand out in a crowded market?

Consumers are demanding more from their food – from functional health benefits to sustainability, all while expecting exceptional taste. Meeting these expectations requires continuous innovation. How do you do this while also supporting your current business? Effectively and efficiently investing in innovation is tricky whether you are big or small. That's where CuliNEX comes in. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to help food companies thrive by integrating the latest trends, understanding consumers, and creating delectable products that are scalable for commercial success.

1. Trends Analysis: Identify Macro Trends & Landscape

At CuliNEX, we have culinary, product development and marketing experts who immerse themselves in the food and beverage world. We know what’s hot and what’s emerging, and we help our clients develop products that delight consumers. Whether it's plant-based proteins, sustainable packaging, or ethnic cuisine crossovers, we'll help you understand the macro food trends, category-specific trends and category landscape. This allows our clients to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of opportunities before they become mainstream.

2. Culinary Services: Create Exceptional Taste Experience

In the world of food, taste is king. Our culinary team consists of seasoned chefs and culinary experts who can craft innovative and unforgettable taste experiences that involve all our senses. We scour the culinary landscape for emerging flavors and trends both regionally and globally. Restaurant channels and celebrated chefs are still the leading taste makers in the food industry, and we comb the industry for taste moments and flavors to feature in client products. Whether you're looking to develop a new line of gourmet sauces, a line of healthier snacks, or integrate your ingredients into a trendy dish, our culinary team will bring the best of the culinary world to create winning flavors and products. We are stretching both culinary arts and food science in all the best ways.

3. Consumer & Concepts: Create Ideas & Get Consumer Input

Creating concepts and understanding consumers are pivotal to the innovation process. From platform identification to ideation and concept development, we develop winning ideas. We facilitate getting consumer validation at multiple points in the process, gathering and interpreting data on their preferences, values, and buying behaviors. Armed with this information, we can tailor your product offerings to precisely meet consumers’ expectations.

4. Product Development: Turn Ideas into Reality

Innovation starts with ideas, but turning those ideas into market-ready products is where the real magic happens. We look at the retail and competitive landscapes to inform our development. Then we transform your concepts into tangible, shelf-ready products. We handle everything from translating recipes to industrial formulations, performing rapid, iterative prototype development, applications studies for ingredients, and technical troubleshooting with ingredients and process to optimize formulations. Some of the exciting recent projects include using hero ingredients to create consumer intrigue, whole foods-based like extruded proteins for improved taste and function, and lots of plant-based innovations – we really understand ingredients and how to deliver superior taste.

5. Commercialization Support: Bring Your Products to Market

Starting at the idea discovery stage, our experts provide guidance on technology and manufacturing feasibility. They also guide ingredient sourcing and costing, financial modeling, co-manufacturer searches, and scale up to full production. Our benchtop simulation process ensures successful production scaling because we are thinking ahead to the plant manufacturing throughout the benchtop innovation process. We even attend plant trials for our clients, communicating with plant personnel to dial in all the parameters or delicious finished products. We will be your partner to get your products onto store shelves and into the mouths of hungry consumers.

Why Choose CuliNEX for Innovation Services?

We are nimble and innovative in our approach to innovation, and we’re not afraid to try new things. Need consumer research quickly and efficiently? We served consumers from a food truck and got their immediate feedback Rapid food cart. Need a place to work through technical and product development challenges to encourage innovation? We developed an innovation lab for our client Eggcelerator Lab. Let us innovate your innovation – our team thinks outside the box!

  1. Expertise: Our team comprises experts in consumer and culinary trends, culinary and product development, and commercialization, ensuring that you receive the best advice and services. We also engage the right resources – ingredient companies, co-manufacturers, technical and subject experts to elevate each step of the process. We have the right minds to get to the right ideas. Plus, our deep cross-category experience lends years of experience and know-how to your project and products.
  2. Extension of Your Team: The CuliNEX team can work hand-in-hand with your organization, functioning as an internal product development extension for clients when they are short-staffed, building innovation capacity. We can also take the ball and run, forming an innovation pod outside your organization. No matter what model you need for innovation, we can work seamlessly to deliver the right-sized solution.
  3. Customized Solutions: We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and goals, meeting your team and project where you are. We can jump in at any stage in the innovation process to move your projects forward.
  4. Market Success: With our services, you're not just innovating for innovation's sake. Our ideas won’t sit in a binder on your shelf. We have a superior in-market track record because we think with the end in mind. We build competitive barriers to entry, our commercialization expertise allows us to keep the production process in mind from the start – helping ensure the ideas make it through the pipeline, launch and win in market!

Innovation is the key to longevity and success in the food industry. CuliNEX’s comprehensive suite of services, including trends analysis, consumer analysis, culinary services, product development, and commercialization support, will jumpstart your new product launches.

Don't let the competition out-flavor you! Contact us to explore how our innovation services can transform your food company into an industry trailblazer. Let’s shape the future of food together!

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