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BCFT Food Scientists Spotlight: Webb Girard & Katherine Langel


We are happy to share more podcasts from our wonderful industry friend, Kimberly Schaub writer of the Peas on Moss blog. Listen to learn more about Culinology, Internships, Mark's career path, the RCA, and more!

Click these links to listen to Mark's Podcast and Katherine and Hannah's Podcast!


Emily Munday

CuliNex Founder Mark Crowell's Dynamic Career from Restaurant R&D to Entrepreneurship

Principal Culinologist and CuliNex founder Mark Crowell is well-known in the Research Chef Association, having served as an active member and contributing the first chapter to the new Culinology textbook, released in 2016. Mark received the 2016 Pioneer Award at the Research Chef Association Conference in Denver, CO. In this interview, Mark tells how a failed Washington, D.C. restaurant may have been the catalyst propelling him into R&D and making him part of some of the fastest growth at Starbucks. He also talks about the specialty of CuliNex and discusses entrepreneurship and food business leadership. Listen here!


Kimberly Schaub

Culinologist Hannah Dressen and Katherine Langel on Internships, Culinology, and the Research Chef Association

Katherine Langel and Hannah Dressen are two Culinologists working for CuliNex in Seattle, WA. They met while students at Southwest Minnesota State University's during their international program in Malaysia, and they now work together at CuliNex. They share how they found the Culinology degree at SMSU. They also talk about the Research Chef Association and the Student Committee and how you can get involved. Listen here!

Find out more about the RCA at and check out the Student Committee's blog at

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