The Culinology® Approach

Culinology® is at the heart of everything we do.  We believe this blend of culinary arts and food science gives us a strategic advantage. Our commitment to Culinology® allows us to fully explore all avenues of development, taking the best tools from art and science to find you the best solutions for your needs.

Our Process

Our experience proves that a disciplined, methodical approach to product development yields the best results and so we use the stage-gate model as our preferred planning approach. The result is a well-defined project plan that avoids costly mistakes, rework and wasted time. 

We are passionate and curious about food. Our approach is creative, yet disciplined, methodical and flexible. The results are products that differentiate you from the competition and reflect your brand, yet can be made consistently and within your budget, day in and day out by your production team.

Our Process Flow


It’s all about preparation...

We begin our process for with a feasibility study, scanning the market to scope out the competitive landscape, possible manufacturers and industrial suppliers to inform our concepting process.

From there, we begin ideation, the brainstorming process that results in written paper concepts. We then follow up with suppliers to source industrial ingredients, and co-packers to manufacture our client’s products. 

We continue on to bench top development, developing formulas we refine in our test kitchen. At the end of this stage, we present you with fully developed gold standard prototypes of your vision.

For co-packer sourcing and more


Getting to the heart of the product...

Once fully realized prototypes are developed, our team begins work on calculating nutritional analysis, including nutritional facts panels, ingredient and allergen statements, and USDA and FDA compliant label claim recommendations.

We also gather and write technical product specifications and help you assess costing. Formulas are finalized and we prepare to take your new product formulas into the plant.

For help with an existing product or with development of a new product



Bringing your ideas to the production floor...

Everything is lined up and the excitement of launch is on the horizon when we enter the plant. As your liaison in the plant, our experts work with production managers and plant personnel to dial in the perfect commercial formula for your dream product. We start on smaller plant pilot equipment and once we’ve nailed down the details, we move on to a test run on full-scale equipment, then on to launch!  We can be on hand for you as your first product comes off the line to ensure your vision is realized right down to the last detail.

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Quality Management Systems

An ounce of prevention...

Our services don’t stop when the first production run is over and your product hits the shelves. We offer a full set of process and formula improvement and quality management services as well.  We have specialists on hand that can offer assistance with process refinement and formula optimization as well as a team of quality management experts who can assess systems, run analytical tests and shelf life protocol in our facility to ensure each production is as good as the first.

If you’re looking to streamline processes, identify waste and opportunities for savings, or set up Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) systems, our team of systems experts can help.

For quality life assurance, formula optimization and shelf-life extension

Marketing & Sales Support

CuliNex provides "soup-to-nuts" sales support giving your team the competitive edge.

We’re here to help with everything from key account culinary services, to technical presentations, training, applications development and competitive research. From sales strategy development to tactical support – CuliNex is there to support your sales effort.

Food Safety and Brand Protection

Protecting Brands from Idea to Execution

Clean label development involves novel food safety, regulatory and training challenges. Regulations and case law are ever evolving and no one knows clean label better than CuliNex. Whether you are a retailer updating your PLM system, a brand owner seeking to clean up your ingredient labels, a manufacturer needing FDA certified PCQI or FSVP training, or a Private Label Brand needing co-man standards, CuliNex has you covered.

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  • Ideation session training
  • Product training
  • Sensory evaluation training


  • Culinary research
  • Technical writing
  • Competitive market analysis & product evaluation 


  • Menu applications
  • Food photography
  • Demonstration & videos
  • Creative writing
  • Culinary workshops & trends presentations 


  • Sales material development
  • Key account sales support
  • Tradeshow management

Product development solutions and strategic business services for the food industry

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