Kristen Sparkman

Culinologist III

A culinologist presenting a workshop on the fusion of culinary arts and food science.
A culinologist presenting a workshop on the fusion of culinary arts and food science.

I enjoy bouncing ideas around with our team to make the best products possible.


The Seattle area has been home base for most of my life. After some time on the other side of the Cascades, the mountains drew me back to Seattle.

What Inspires Me:

People who share their passion, especially when that passion is food. There is something so great about learning more about the snacks people love and trying those snacks together. I love food and learning new things about the connectivity of culture, flavors, and community.

Guiltiest Food Pleasure:

Trying as many different varieties of potato chip flavors as I can. I make it a point to scan the chip aisle to see what new or different flavors are out there, especially when traveling. To date, the most memorable flavors are milk and honey, oregano, seafood bbq, and spicy lobster.

Areas of Specialization:

Most of my background has been in dairy and bench to pilot testing where I have had the pleasure of working on cheese and nutritional bar projects. More recently, I've worked with plant-based formulation, process development, meal formulation and more. During my time at CuliNex, I've found interest in technical ingredients and how they apply in applications from bakery to meat and dairy alternatives.

When I'm Not on the Bench:

I enjoy being outside exploring the great PNW landscapes, eating with friends and family, and trying out new recipes.


  • Master of Science, Food Science - University of Idaho
  • Bachelor of Science, Food Science - Washington State University
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