Kathy Stephenson

Director of Marketing

Kathy Stephenson
Kathy Stephenson

The people at CuliNEX make all the difference. After a long career, finding this place has been life changing.


I am an Oregonian at heart and consider Corvallis to be my hometown. I moved there when I was 12 years old and stayed through my college years. Though I live in Portland, Oregon now, Corvallis is most likely where I will retire to enjoy the outdoor activities and college-town benefits.

What Inspires Me:

Every single day is an inspiration for me. I look for happiness all around and find it in the littlest things – a touch of nature, a delicious cup of coffee, or a job well done. I’ve learned over the years that today is the day to focus upon and not wait for something planned in the future to keep me going.

Guiltiest Food Pleasure:

So many things to mention, but an outstanding plate of nachos can really bring me joy. We have a Peruvian restaurant in the neighborhood that serves one of the best plates of nacho-goodness I’ve ever experienced.

Areas of Specialization:

After 30 years of food marketing work, I bring broad experience across all food channels to CuliNEX, from consumer, retail, foodservice and ingredient marketing roles. My role at CuliNEX is to augment the industries awareness of our exceptional team and capabilities. I love to explore new marketing strategies and concepts that present themselves each day. I am a strong believer in continuous improvement and evolving processes and procedures. I am most inspired when we break from “but that’s how we do it” to finding simple solutions to complex problems.

When I'm Not in the Office:

I am a proud Oregonian and try to enjoy our outdoor offerings as much as possible. I've spent the last few summers section hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, all for the love of the forest. I love a good book, walking new paths in Portland, visiting the food carts with my husband and rooting for Oregon State University sports. We are a family of “Beaver Believers” with my two kids also attending and /or graduating from OSU.


  • Masters in Business Administration - University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
  • Bachelor of Science, Food Science and Technology- Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
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