Casey Jenkins

Product Development Manager

Casey Jenkins
Casey Jenkins

The people at CuliNEX are amazing. The development is varied and fast paced, so I get to work with many types of products and applications and am thrilled to be learning new things after all these years of working in the food industry.


I was born in the central valley of California, and I spent my summers with my grandparents. The rest of the year I explored the rivers and woods of Oregon City in beautiful Oregon.

What Inspires me:

I love seeing others succeed especially when their passion has a positive impact on others. I once heard a story of a man who switched to organic farming because the pesticides were causing him to go blind, and he didn’t want to see his sons suffer the same health issues, so he changed what and how he grew his crops. Changes can be difficult, but results can have an impact.

Guilty Food Pleasure:

I love food and try not to feel guilty about eating anything. I would, however, eat garlic French fries at every meal if they weren’t so high in calories, with crème brulee for dessert!

Area of Specialization:

I have been in the food and dietary supplement industry for over 20 years and have a breadth of experience across many product and application types. I have developed tea, bars, pasta and rice dishes, beverages, and sweet sauces to name just a very few.

When Not In The Office:

I enjoy hiking (rain or shine), gardening, quilting, trying new recipes, and exploring all the beauty the Pacific Northwest has to offer.


  • Bachelor of Biology - Mills College, Oakland, CA
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