The CuliNex Internship Program

So, what’s it like to be an intern at CuliNex anyway?  

We like to think our program is really special and very different from what students find in other intern programs.  Students who come to us for either a 3-month summer internship or begin life with us in our intern-to-hire program get the same experience – full immersion into life at a clean label consultancy. 


What does CuliNex do? 

Because CuliNex works in all product categories, interns can expect to gain exposure to a variety of consumer products, a multitude of ingredients and get some insight into sales and marketing factors for different brand owners.  CuliNex is a full-service consultancy, meaning we offer our clients all product development services from feasibility studies and ideation through bench development, on to commercialization, QA/QC, and more!


How does the internship work? 

We try to make our internships as fun and educational as possible.  Our program puts students through about 3 weeks of immersive on-boarding where they spend time with Anne-marie Ramo (Intern Mother Hen) just learning how we do things here at CuliNex.  After that, they spend time shadowing members of our team for a few weeks, working with all of our project managers, getting a feel for how processes flow and learning about the projects they’ll eventually take on.  After that, with a very sturdy set of training wheels, interns hit the bench and begin project work.  The work is varied and of course depends on what our current work load looks like, but we do ensure that each intern is exposed to as many difference aspects of our business while they are with us.


After a couple of weeks of shadowing, interns then are assigned “real” project hours and become fully functioning members of our team for either the duration of their internship OR if they’ve joined us via our intern-to-hire program, as business allows, for as long as they would like to join us.  CuliNex’s intern-to-hire program is perfect for recent graduates that want to learn and grow with the industry’s best.

In addition to the solid education and work experience young Culinologists get while with the CuliNex team, there is also plenty of fun to be had!  Our team works very hard and we insist on having fun doing it. So, there is lots of opportunity for getting to know a great group of people, their passions for food, volunteer work, learn what we’re total nerds about and how we like to unwind and have fun!


Think you have what it takes? 

If you’re interested in CuliNex’s junior year internship program or our inter-to-hire program, please reach out to CuliNex’s very own House Mother, Anne-marie via our jobs board at

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