New Talent Acquisition - Hannah Dressen

New Talent Acquisition - Hannah Dressen


Seattle, WA, December 8, 2016 – CuliNEX, the country's top clean label food product consultancy, is please to announce the acquisition of more top talent. 

CuliNEX just completed its most successful year to date and is happy to welcome Culinologist Hannah Dressen to our fast-growing team. Hannah transitioned from CuliNEX intern to Culinologist because of her insatiable curiosity, her calm demeanor during our busiest and most hectic days, and her stellar skills on the bench. Hannah is equally as excited to be here as we are to have her:

“Clean food is important to me, and I chose CuliNEX because of their commitment to clean label development. I am realizing now that I’m here that it was the best decision because I am learning so much more at a consultancy than I would be probably anywhere else. Not only do we come together as a team to discuss projects, problems and development, but also company values, culture and structure. It’s fun learning how to develop and be a professional, as well as helping to build the foundation of the company. I also chose Seattle because of the adventure! Hiking and backpacking is my newfound love, and of course I’m interested in all of the wild edible foods that grow in the mountains.”


Hannah’s pre-graduation experience includes a research and development internship with the Hormel Foods Company where she gained knowledge in retorted products, customer presentations, manufacturing and meat product applications. Before that, she gained culinary and organizational skills while working for an events center and several hometown restaurants while growing up in Minnesota. Through her time at school, Hannah has gained experience in working with frozen entrees, dressings, sauces, retorted products, baked goods, meat products, and sensory analysis work. 

Hannah graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Culinology and a minor in Nutrition from Southwest Minnesota State University. She is actively involved as a new-professional member of the Institute of Food Technologists and Research Chefs Association, as well as a student-professional Co-chair and founding member of the Research Chef’s Association Student Committee. 


CuliNEX is the industry's premier consulting firm providing product development and strategic business services focused on clean label food products. It assists companies of all sizes in achieving their growth goals through the development and implementation of product driven strategies. With more than 30 years of industry experience the CuliNEX team has led operations and product development teams for some of the best known brands in the industry.

For a full list of CuliNEX’s capabilities, a list of previous clients, and to get to know the entire CuliNEX team, connect with us here!

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