CuliNex Speaking at OSIFT/RCA Joint Meeting

CuliNex Speaking at OSIFT/RCA Joint Meeting


We all know that developing delicious, nutritious, manufacturable foods in a commercial setting is a lot harder than it sounds. What’s the key ingredient? Culinology®!

The blending of culinary arts and the science of food, this discipline takes a holistic approach to product development, making for a more efficient process, and ultimately, better food.

Come hear firsthand from culinologists Emily Munday and Webb Girard of CuliNex as they walk us through client case studies showcasing Culinology® in action.

Visit the OSIFT webiste for more details.

When: November 10, 2015 from 5:00-8:00

Where: Old Spaghetti Factory, 715 SW Bancroft St., Portland, OR 97239





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