CuliNEX Expands Team of Experts with Addition of Aleksandr Klokov as Culinologist

CuliNEX Expands Team of Experts with Addition of Aleksandr Klokov as Culinologist


Tukwila, WA, August 30, 2022 — CuliNEX, the country’s top clean label food product and plant-based formulation consultancy, recently announced Aleksandr Klokov has joined the team as a Culinologist®. In his new role, Aleks works with CuliNEX’s product development team providing flavor-first product innovation and development solutions, from innovation to commercialization, for food industry partners of all sizes.

“We are pleased to welcome Aleks to our expanding team of culinary and product development experts,” said Webb Girard, Senior Director of Product Development, CuliNEX. “He is a great complement to our team, contributing to our knowledge of the latest ingredients. He brings a wealth of experience and deep curiosity in plant-based protein–further strengthening our ability to create delicious and appealing new foods in the clean label and plant-based categories.”

As a Culinologist, Aleks applies his experience working with textured vegetable proteins to develop successful applications. At CuliNEX, he will focus on the texture, cooking and general industry use of new ingredients to ensure their exceptional quality and taste, combining insights and food science with the team’s robust culinary expertise to create delicious foods that are sure to win with consumers. 

“I am very excited to contribute to CuliNEX’s growth as a company,” said Aleksandr Klokov, Culinologist, CuliNEX. “The beauty of working at CuliNEX is being able to work on a vast number of different projects. I will never get bored and will always be learning something new. Most of all, I enjoy the opportunity to try and test new flavors and ingredients as we work together to create new and improved foods for consumers.”

Prior to joining CuliNEX, Aleks served as a Plant-Based Meat Technician at Rebellyous Foods in Seattle, Washington. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Nutrition from California State University, Fresno.

To learn more about the latest innovations and product development services provided by CuliNEX for a growing list of food clients, please visit their newly launched website:

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