Clean Label Product Development Pioneer Turns 17

Clean Label Product Development Pioneer Turns 17


Responding to the growing opportunities in the food industry, Mark Crowell founded CuliNex in February 2005 as a clean label food product consultancy. Mark notes, “I’m incredibly proud of CuliNex and the team we have built. Each day we strive to exceed our client’s goals while supporting one another and having fun. It’s a very unique and special place."

As CuliNex turns 17 years old, we reflect on the growth and shifts in the clean label food product sector that we helped pioneer. What began as a trend towards organic ingredients and reducing fillers and preservatives is now part of the mainstream food landscape with our work deeply focused on plant-forward foods, allergen avoidance, dietary guidelines, sustainable and upcycled ingredients and functional foods.

We will remain deeply curious and keep our sights on the front edge of food trends and technology for the next 17 years.

What do you think is on the horizon?

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