5 Reasons to Attend the PSIFT Supplier's Night

5 Reasons to Attend the PSIFT Supplier's Night


It may not be as big as the annual IFT conference, but the Puget Sound IFT Supplier’s Night is a must for all of us at CuliNex. It’s on Tuesday February 23, 2016 at the Double Tree Seattle Airport Hotel from 4-7:30 pm. Why do we go?


Emily Munday

1. It’s a smaller, more intimate group.

Unlike most ingredient trade shows with thousands of attendees, it’s actually possible to walk all the aisles and connect with almost all the 160 suppliers.

2. There’s something for everyone.

Booths are small and you can quickly get a snapshot of many different types of ingredients, from starches and gums, to colors, seasonings and more. There’s even a few supply and equipment vendors, if that’s your cup of tea.

3. It’s educational.

Vendors are happy to discuss the latest and greatest innovations in ingredients and processing technology. Many will have samples on display that you can even taste and can send you samples after the show to use on the bench.

4. It’s convenient.

No need to fly to Anaheim or Chicago or Denver, the annual event is held near SeaTac airport in the Greater Seattle area. There’s also suppliers nights in Portland on 2/22/16 and Vancouver on 2/24/16, so if you can’t make it to Seattle, maybe you can attend one of the other local Supplier’s Nights. There’s free parking and plenty of things to snack on, and best of all it’s FREE to IFT members! It’s only $10 for non-members though, so there’s no reason to not attend.

5. It’s perfect for networking.

Whether you’re looking to connect with new ingredient vendors or say hi to old friends, the annual PSIFT Supplier’s Night is the perfect place to make connections. Our whole team will be walking the floor and would love to meet you in person!


Webb Girard

Also not to be missed is the Food Ingredient Technology Short Course on “Formulating and Reformulating for Clean Labels” the next day, February 24, 2016 also at the Double Tree. CuliNex’s Webb Girard and Katherine Langel will be speaking on clean label alternatives for product development. See you there!

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