CuliNex is the premier consulting firm for the food industry.

Providing product development and strategic business services focused on clean label food products.

While maintaining our commitment to continuous learning, we exceed our client’s business goals by developing delicious, clean label foods that create a better planet, healthier people and happier communities.

What does ‘Clean Label’ mean to CuliNex

We’re passionate about creating great tasting, wholesome food.

While there is no legal definition for “clean label” or “natural,” when we say clean label at CuliNex, we use it to describe a transparent development philosophy.

  • Leading with culinary artistry

    Leading with culinary artistry first and food science second to ensure we are staying true to the food

  • Excluding all artificial ingredients, including colors, flavors and preservatives (we generally follow the Whole Foods Unacceptable Ingredients list)

  • Avoiding overly processed ingredients

  • Keeping ingredient statements simple and easy to understand

  • Avoiding misleading marketing claims on packaging

Over 100 years of industry experience.

Our development team collectively has over 100 years of product development and business experience across all food categories, from sweet to savory and everything in between. However, we aren't content to sit back on our laurels. In addition to using past experience to drive new projects, continuing education is part of our DNA, keeping us up to date on the latest innovations in ingredients, processing, and packaging technologies, and ultimately, allowing us to create better products for our clients. 

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Our team prides itself on taking a high-touch approach to every project to deliver stellar results.‚Äč

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CuliNex is the industry's premier consulting firm, working with clients among many food categories.

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