The Culinology® Approach

Culinology® is at the heart of everything we do.  We believe this blend of culinary arts and food science gives us a strategic advantage. Our commitment to Culinology® allows us to fully explore all avenues of development, taking the best tools from art and science to find you the best solutions for your needs.

Our Process

Our experience proves that a disciplined, methodical approach to product development yields the best results and so we use the stage-gate model as our preferred planning approach. The result is a well-defined project plan that avoids costly mistakes, rework and wasted time. 

We are passionate and curious about food. Our approach is creative, yet disciplined, methodical and flexible. The results are products that differentiate you from the competition and reflect your brand, yet can be made consistently and within your budget, day in and day out by your production team.

Our Process Flow

Product Development

From Concept to Commercialization

To be done well, product development it requires clear vision, robust formulation, thorough testing, thoughtful ingredient sourcing, and proper processing in production. Whether its cleaning up labels, making better-for-you food by adding plants or reducing sugar, extending shelf life, or sourcing great vendor partners, our experienced team is up to the task to suit your vision, timeline and budget.

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Feasibility & Opportunity Analysis 

Explore & Assess to Bring Innovation to Market Faster

How can you be sure your sweet idea won’t flop? CuliNex can help you make informed decisions by asking the right questions from the beginning.

We’ll help you see what’s missing in the market, scope out the opportunity, assess the competition, understand manufacturability and navigate food safety hurdles.


  • Competitive Scan
  • Store Walks
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Ingredient Marketing & Sales Strategy Development
  • Technical Feasibility Assessments

Ideation & Creative Concepting

Creativity & Concepts to Get Stakeholders Salivating

CuliNex can help you flesh out ideas whether you already have a hankering or need some inspiration. We put pen to paper on how your products should look, taste and feel, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Whether you want a simple menu of concepts to cherry pick from or need us to blow out ideas with detailed descriptions, consumer benefits, market and consumer trend rationale, processing considerations and packaging opportunities, example SKU flavor profiles, and visually stimulating graphics and imagery – CuliNex has you covered.


  • Ideation Sessions
  • Paper Concept Statements
  • New Product Platform Concepts
  • New SKU/Flavor Concepts

Ingredient Sourcing & Testing


Select the Best Quality Ingredients

Because we work in all food categories, the CuliNex network of clean label ingredient suppliers is both broad and deep, which means we will find you the right ingredients for your products no matter the volume or rigorous the requirements.

We ensure your product is compliant with current regulations when drafting nutritional panels, ingredient declarations, allergen statements and proposed label claims. Your products are only as good as the ingredients in them—let us help you source the best.


  • Industrial Ingredient Sourcing
  • Documentation & Specification Review
  • Price Estimates 
  • Technical Research & Functionality Review
  • Vetting & Testing in Formulation
  • Competitive Testing in Application

Plant Based

Our Culinologists are experts at formulating Plant Based products. Whether you are after analogues to seafood, poultry or meat, or you are aiming for super nutritious, clean label, vegan and vegetarian SKUs, we understand the unique formulating challenges, specialized ingredients and plant processes required for optimum results.


Aside from our full service PD services, we are experts at solving issues unique to Plant Based development:

  • Taste modulation
  • Shelf life extension
  • Masking beaniness, protein off-notes
  • Savoriness, meat taste
  • Juiciness and succulence
  • Char, smoke, grill, roasted flavors
  • Meaty bite and texture
  • Moisture retention
  • Food safety
  • Simple ingredient statements, Clean label solutions
  • Optimum ingredient selection

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Take the Gold Standard from Concept to Commercialization

Now that you have a product you love, it’s time to bring all the pieces together to manufacture it at scale. We dig into the details as we develop your product, including formulation and process development concurrent with the sourcing of viable manufacturer partners so we can make prototype samples that are manufacturable at scale.

We consider food safety and quality control when making recommendations for production process flow, equipment, packaging materials and proposed shelf life test protocol. In collaboration with production managers and plant personnel, we’ll be your right-hand as we make tweaks to formula and process and provide full documentation.


  • Contract Manufacturer Sourcing & Vetting
  • Formula Commercialization
  • Plant Assessments & Audits
  • Process Development & Optimization
  • Specification Development
  • On-Site Production Support: Pilot Testing, Plant Trials, First Production Run

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Clean Label Research Through Agile Evolutions into Stores

The CRAEVS project team consists of CuliNex (Product Development) and InsightsNow (Consumer Research). Together our companies have formed a strategic alliance to provide CPG clients with a turnkey product development methodology called CRAEVS (Clean Label Research Through Agile Evolutions into Stores). CRAEVS is fast, efficient, flexible, and cost effective, and specifically designed to create or improve products in disruptive new categories.

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Quality Management Systems

An ounce of prevention...

Our services don’t stop when the first production run is over and your product hits the shelves. We offer a full set of process and formula improvement and quality management services as well.  We have specialists on hand that can offer assistance with process refinement and formula optimization as well as a team of quality management experts who can assess systems, run analytical tests and shelf life protocol in our facility to ensure each production is as good as the first.

If you’re looking to streamline processes, identify waste and opportunities for savings, or set up Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) systems, our team of systems experts can help.

For quality life assurance, formula optimization and shelf-life extension


  • Ideation session training
  • Product training
  • Sensory evaluation training


  • Culinary research
  • Technical writing
  • Competitive market analysis & product evaluation 


  • Menu applications
  • Food photography
  • Demonstration & videos
  • Creative writing
  • Culinary workshops & trends presentations 


  • Sales material development
  • Key account sales support
  • Tradeshow management

Product development solutions and strategic business services for the food industry

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