Truitt Family Foods K-12 White Bean Dip
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Truitt Family Foods wanted to develop a line of shelf stable white bean & Greek yogurt-based dips for schools that could replace the high-fat ranch dressing commonly used as a vegetable dip. Developing a product that met both the USDA Child Nutrition labeling guidelines for a meat/meat alternate serving and winning over kids with a creamy texture and zesty flavor proved to be quite the challenge.


First, we had the figure out the perfect ratio of white beans and Greek yogurt to yield a meat/meat alternative serving, while staying within specific cost and serving size parameters. Next, we focused on honing in on the perfect, kid-friendly flavor profiles—classic ranch and spicy chili lime. Playing up the creamy dairy notes with herbs, spices and naturally savory umami flavor helped minimize any “beany” flavors that might turn off kids. Finally, lowering the pH of the products enough to be shelf stable while maintaining an acceptable acidity profile proved to be the last hurdle. After consumer testing in middle and high schools, the dips earned the stamp of approval for production.


With the development and commercialization support of CuliNex, Truitt was able to bring delicious, healthy dips to the K-12 foodservice market in just a couple short months in time for the bi-annual buyer’s deadline.

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