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Tree Top is known for their retail apple sauce and juice, but they also process and supply fruit ingredients such as powders, purees, juice concentrates, formulated fruit bases and dried apples to some of the world’s largest food companies. Tree Top wanted to showcase their ingredients in quick, easy to understand applications videos and formulations on their website as a resource and education tool for their customers.


CuliNex was tasked with developing custom formulations with Tree Top fruit ingredients for both food manufacturers and foodservice clients. Formulas included pomegranate walnut chicken in phyllo, lemongrass meatballs with blackberry hoisin glaze, mango tamarind skillet sauce and chocolate merlot cupcakes.

One formula was an easy to assemble strawberry lemonade trifle, featuring a lemonade cake made with Tree Top Pear Fruit Flakes and a strawberry mousse filling made with Tree Top Strawberry Variegate. Once the formulation was complete, a script was written, filmed, and edited resulting in a 2 minute video demonstrating the method of production and highlighting the variety of variegate applications.


Tree Top customers now have a cache of sweet and savory recipes ready for commercialization and short, practical videos showcasing Tree Top fruit ingredients in real world applications.

Check out the Tree Top video here!

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