Plant-based Food Product Development

Want to create a new plant-based food product or alter an existing one? Our team has you covered!

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Plant-based Food Product Development

Want to create a new plant-based food product or alter an existing one? Our team has you covered!

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The CuliNEX Difference

CuliNEX is a leading food product development organization delivering delicious clean label and plant-based foods at the leading edge of technology and innovation.

Providing an array of food development solutions to launch, reformulate and revive new and emerging brands, CuliNEX partners with clients of every size, from emerging brands to multi‑billion‑dollar CPG companies, ingredient manufacturers, commodity boards and commissions, retailers and foodservice operators.

The team at CuliNEX puts food first, offering more than 250 years of combined experience and expertise, to deliver culinary creativity—from breakthrough benchtop concepts through production.

The CuliNEX Difference

Food is Our Passion

Our diverse staff of leading culinary and food science professionals are some of the freshest thinkers who not only spot trends, but help you create them. This is where the next-big-thing happens and where your success begins.

We are first and foremost experts in food product development. Our experience in nearly every food category allows us to achieve deliciousness day in and day out. We develop our products with the end in mind, building within a framework of feasibility to increase successfully moving from benchtop to production line. Bringing great products to life comes naturally at CuliNEX. We are masters at reformulating and refining processes to optimize existing products.

Food is Our Passion
Plant-Based Food Product Development & Reformulation

Plant-Based Food Product Development & Reformulation

Since 2005, the CuliNEX brand has grown right alongside the rise in plant-based foods and we continue to be at the forefront, delivering delicious and appealing products that are commercializable.

Areas of specialization include:

  • Plant-based meat alternatives
    • Meatless beef
    • Meatless chicken
    • Meatless seafood
  • Plant-based cheese alternatives
  • Vegetarian products
  • Vegan products
  • Dairy-free ingredients
  • Organic ingredients
  • Natural ingredients

Plant-Based Expertise For Today’s Demands

An exceptional eating experience—taste, aroma, texture—is our unwavering priority. Our plant-based innovations complement extraordinary flavor with function while delivering simple ingredient statements. We understand the unique formulation challenges, specialized ingredients and production required for optimum results and are experts at solving issues unique to plant-based development:

Flavor and Taste Optimization:

  • Juiciness and succulence
  • Char, smoke, grill, roasted flavors
  • Savory meat or rich dairy taste
  • Masking beaniness, protein off-notes

Enhanced Texture:

  • Bite, snap, and chew
  • Pliability
  • Meltability
  • Stretchability
  • Fatty mouthfeel
  • Moisture retention

Improved Shelf-life:

  • Shelf-life improvement and extension

Food Safety:

  • Innovative solutions through optimum ingredient selection
  • Clean, simple ingredient statements
  • Successful translation to commercialization
  • Process optimization
Plant-Based Expertise For Today’s Demands
Plant-based Solutions Tailored to Your Distinct Needs

Plant-based Solutions Tailored to Your Distinct Needs

No solution is one-size-fits-all. Innovation by its very nature means exploring the unexplored. Come to us wherever you are in your plant-based food product development project, however complex your challenge or opportunity. Together we’ll establish your unique differentiation and turn it into that breakthrough solution that sets you apart.

Putting Your Vision in Focus

Creating flavorful innovations takes robust formulation, thorough testing, thoughtful ingredient sourcing and deep knowledge of production. Whether you are cleaning up labels, making better-for-you food, creating the next big thing in plant-based, or optimizing your formula or process, our experienced team can help plan a project to suit your vision.

Putting Your Vision in Focus

Developing With the End in Mind

Developing innovative yet commercially viable products means gathering the right insights and taking ideas from concept to shelf.

  • Technical review
  • Ingredient sourcing
  • Benchtop prototypes
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Contract manufacturing search
  • Consumer testing
Developing With the End in Mind

Innovation: Finding the Convergence Zone

While we take a no-holds-barred approach to ideating, your bottom line is always our top priority. A big idea is only big if it’s going to make it in-market. You don’t want to waste time or money on ideas that ultimately prove to be a dead end. We have deep insider knowledge and the practical understanding to weed out those initial creative sparks that simply don’t have lasting power, helping you look between the lines of what’s trending and that one really great idea you can run with.

Innovation: Finding the Convergence Zone
Collaboration Never Stops

Collaboration Never Stops

We strive to be your seamless development partners throughout the project to rapidly iterate prototypes. This delivers real-time feedback from consumers and stakeholders and hone your concepts. You can even join us on the bench if it inspires you. Access our network of clean label ingredient suppliers to find the right ingredients no matter the volume or how rigorous the requirements. Get buy-in from stakeholders with samples for internal meetings, key presentations, trade shows, or consumer validation before commercialization. Then, sleep well at night knowing all the intellectual property we develop remains yours.

Client Testimonial

In recommending CuliNEX to others, we would say their expertise in the food space and organized process are incredibly impressive. We’ve come across many others that have promised results in various areas that have been subpar. From the beginning, CuliNEX demonstrated a clear understanding of our product, the ingredients we used, and the expectations for our market. They demonstrated a systematic approach of how they would go about making improvements and kept us updated throughout each step. We had complete faith throughout that they would be able to deliver to help us reach our goals.

— Maynard Okereke, COO

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